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September Goals and Redeeming 2016

September Goals and Redeeming 2016

I don't know about you, but 2016 has been a complete blur up until this point.  Am I alone in this??  

Somehow my bright, perky and shiny 2016, quickly turned into a haggard and baggy eyed, totally sleep deprived year.  It can be easy to look back and be overwhelmed by disappointment or discouragement, when you had such high hopes and ambitions for a season of life.

I've had more than a few low moments this year - ok, I've had some flat out ugly cry, wake up with puffy-swollen eyes kind of moments, over the fact that life is just plain not going as I had ever hoped, wished, or imagined it would.  In fact, a few weeks back, I was in the midst of one giant pity party for myself, wallowing in the thought that 2016 was a total bust and that maybe we should just throw in the towel, stop trying to survive in CA and head back east to be closer to family and more affordable living, when out of the blue, I was reminded that I am friends with the Creator of the universe and He is in the business of redemption.  I love those moments - the moments when God breaks through the loneliness and reminds you oh so clearly that He's near.

He is near.  And He's THE redeemer.  Another realization quickly hit me in that moment - we have four whole months left of 2016.  A lot can happen in 4 months.  So through the tears and those weird hiccups you get when you've cried too hard, I found myself asking God to redeem 2016.

Friend, I don't share any of this for your pity (though thank you if you've been praying for B & I in this challenging season, your prayers are so very precious to us).  I share this because, maybe you too need a 2016 do-over?  Maybe you've been feeling like this year has been a wash, and you need a fresh start.  Girl, go grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte, make a list of the things you'd like to see change and invite Him to redeem your year.  

In an effort to bring balance back to my life and to reprioritize, I'm posting my monthly goals.  I'd love to hear what your goals are for the coming months.  Fall is such a fun and fresh season.  It engages all the senses (hello fresh fall apples and pumpkin spiced everything) and is a great opportunity for a fresh start.  

      // Settle into part time position at work. (YAY!)
      // Rekindle old friendships and invest in new.
      // Make more homemade meals.

      // Rejoin the worship team. (Great big HAPPY dance!)
      // Take more time for photography.
      // Write more.
      // Take time to breathe and enjoy life.

      // Workout 5-6 days a week.
      // Spend 1 uninterrupted day a week with husband.
      // Make 1 friend date a week.
      // Visit the beach at least 1x a week.

      // Spend time with Jesus.
      // Encourage my husband.
      // Snuggle my husband.
      // Drink 50 oz water.
      // Get to bed by 9:30/10
      // Read for 30 minutes.
      // Take a 15 min nap.

I hope September is good to you, and I hope you're finding balance in the midst of sending kids off to school again, starting up classes, or diving into a season of busy work events.  This life is short, so lets make it sweet!

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