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French Toast with Blueberry Butter

French Toast with Blueberry Butter

This wouldn't be a lifestyle blog if I didn't toss a recipe up every once in a while, now would it?  

If you're just getting to know me, you should know I'm "one of those."  You know the kind - one of the poor souls who can't handle gluten of any form.  Yes, I'm gluten free.  And unfortunately I fall into the "tummy aches for days, foggy brain, can't remember your name" category of gfree, not the "I just want a healthier lifestyle" gluten free.  Anyhow, I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to making gfree fare taste like it's full of delicious gluten!  So when I woke up this morning craving french toast, I thought it was a good day to take on the challenge.

French toast is one of those dishes I simply stopped making because lets face it - gfree bread doesn't necessarily deserve to be called "bread."  It's often dry and crumbly and almost never soft and flaky - as bread should be.  But I didn't let that stop me.

gluten free french toast

I'm a fan of Ree Drummond, the Poineer Woman. In fact, Friday mornings, the hubs and I often make breakfast together and catch up on past episodes.  I usually walk away unsatisfied with my oatmeal and coffee and desiring her Toasted Ravioli or her Cowboy Quiche instead, but that's besides the point.  She has a way of making classics new again - like her Cinnamon Toast (which should only be made in place of cinnamon rolls, certainly not in place of toast - oh my!).  So I knew she'd probably have a great recipe for French Toast.  

Boy was I right!!  This morning we gave her French Toast with Berry Butter a try and it was nothing short of a home run!!  And to my greatest surprise ... the Udi's gluten free bread was perfect with it!  Normally French Toast with gfree bread is soggy and difficult to cook through, but this recipe uses 4 egg yolks and mostly cream, so it's light and crispy once it cooks.  I made a few pieces using my gfree bread and a few using regular sandwich bread for the hubs and he said the gfree bread tasted best!  Gfree French Toast for the WIN!

french toast with blueberry butter

I had a bag of frozen blueberries I needed to use, so we had blueberry butter instead of the raspberry and blackberry she suggests.  And we only used a stick of butter, because goodness gracious, the two of us don't need a pound of berry butter hiding in our fridge!!  

Instead of sharing the recipe, I'll let you head over to her blog - but if you're looking for brunch inspiration, I hope you've found it!

We're off to Lake Tahoe this week to celebrate SIX whole years of marriage, but I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Until next time...

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